Fenced vs Free

What happens when you fence them.

For a short period of time, an electrified game fence enclosed 21 horses and separated them from the 7 who were left outside, and their roaming grounds around the Bot estuary and the wetlands through to near Kleinmond.

As keen observers of the wild horses, this created an opportunity for us to study the herds and record their behaviour. We also through our petition and social media were able to share the opinions of many wild horse lovers from across South Africa and abroad.

Our petition is here, https://www.petitions24.com/free_the_rooisand_horses

Let us not forget…

Two stark images from, November 10th 2018. Part of the captured group alongside an image of the free group … there is a mare feeding her foal in the water behind the fence, while the free ones munch away at water grasses at the edge of their estuary.

Lonely tracks in the sand on the Rooisand side of the Lamloch fence. There are seven horses left free, plus at least one stallion on the other side of the land.

What happens when a stallion of lesser standing is unable to retreat?

The Rooisand Horse Watchers know each of the horses and have given them names for reference purposes only. Meet Luna (called this because of the new moon marking). Luna is currently part of a bachelor herd of 3 and has been fenced in by the owner of Lamloch Farm with his boys and another 18 horses.

The dominant stallion will kick competing males out of the herd, smaller bachelor groups will then form for companionship. Sharing the same fenced field as the dominant stallion and being unable to walk away and give the dominant stallion his space is a stressful situation for both the bachelor herds and the other herd members.

Using some facebook video’s, let’s compare free vs captured.

In Bruce Boyd’s November 2015 video you can enjoy watching a free herd stroll through the wetlands. The Rooisand horses were looking, as usual, fabulous coming out of winter and had nice chubby foals at foot. These are the same horses now behind fence.

In our video taken in November 2018, you can watch a stallion trying to reach these same wetlands, an electrified fence in the way. One does not need to know anything about animal behaviour to see the difference in just the one horse.



Posted by Rooisand Horse Watch on Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Wild Ones chilling.

The Wild Ones chilling…

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