A Free Future


The Rooisand horses have roamed the Lamloch swamps for many decades. They are heritage horses which belong to no one and yet belong to everyone. They have inspired thousands of people across the Overstrand, South Africa and the world through their beauty, their hardiness and resilience, their wildness and their mystery and romance … until an electrified game fence enclosed them, and separated them from each other, and from their roaming grounds around the Bot estuary and the wetlands through to near Kleinmond.

This action by a private landowner sparked outcry and created the perfect opportunity for observers and authorities to work together and plan for the future of the horses.

On Tuesday the 13th of November 2018 a stakeholders’ meeting was held to discuss the status and future of the Rooisand horses. The meeting was hosted by Ward 9 Councillor Grant Cohen, at the Kleinmond Municipality, and was attended by members of Rooisand Horse Watch, CapeNature, landowner Craig Saunders, ward members, municipal and conservation personnel and a representative of the local press.

It was agreed the horses will be sensitively and safely moved off Lamloch over the next few days. We are especially appreciative of the landowner’s expertise in this process, to ensure that the transfer is without incident. We also appreciate all the members of the community who showed their love, compassion and support for these magnificent wild horses.

In an exciting move to further ensure the future of the wild horses, the participants agreed that a management committee will be formed to oversee their wellbeing. The committee will be headed by CapeNature, with all parties committing to look after these national treasures.