Stallion Dies

29 December 2015: Today at around 8.30am the Environmental Department of the OSM came with a digger loader to help bury our village Escort, a beautiful dark fiesty stallion.

He got his name when the lead mare in Fisherhaven, Midnight foaled almost 1 year to the day after her daughter was born. Star was pushed away to make room for the new baby foal and Escort left the herd with his 1 year old prize.

Brassy joined the two of them, returning to Fisherhaven after a year in Rooisand. The trio was formed and they have made a happy little herd. Most days spending time on their own and other days grazing close by to the main herd.

Since the 19 of December when our little baby girl was born, he has fought valiantly to get his girl, Star back. They have battled off and on for days, with Escort retreating away to Die Eiland to rest his weary body and then returning for another round.

Witnesses report them battling in the field last night, hooves connecting, biting and then Escort went down, a loud crack was heard and he never got up again. Brassy was seen stomping on him afterwards.

A strange group gathered in an open field on this very warm summers day. A bakkie full of ‘scared of the snakes’ municipal employees who for the most part stayed on the back of the bakkie, an escavator, a herd of wild horses held vigil closeby and a group of horse watchers and horse lovers.

We talked about the beauty and wonder and magnificence of this herd. What a wonderful experience it is living with these wonderous animals.

While we spoke a deep hole was excavated next to him and eventually after an hour and with care and consideration he was rolled into the hole. I watched the sand covering him up until he was gone from view, forever sleeping.

He was a magnificent creature, full of life and spirit.

The most amazing thing about this sad incident is that we have learnt and witnessed one more aspect of life as a stallion in a wild horse herd, so different to stabled horses.

Rest in peace dear Escort, we will miss you! The Trio are no more! The saying, Three’s a crowd is true!

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