Wild Fire – Lamloch

wild fire

5 November 2015: Fire on rooisand/lamloch/cape nature land.
A controlled fire got out of control again. Fires in any form other than in a fireplace should be banned. Multiple fire engines are on scene, thinking of the fire men and our horses. Hope valuable winter grazing is not destroyed by the inferno.

6 November 2015:  Update on the wild fire:
Winds have caused a flare up. The fire department are on scene. We have not had any news that the wild herds are in any danger and are hoping they have moved to safer areas. We have someone on the ground and will share further updates as we receive them. Thinking about the firemen and all the animals and birds and sensitive plants in the area.

7 November 2015: Update on the wild fire: day 3 – a slight breeze blows towards kleinmond, hopefully the little bits still flaring will burn back on themselves. No reports that any horses are injured and the herds were seen yesterday on the vlei side which has survived the fires.

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